My entire career -- which includes more than a decade of writing about culture, news and politics; editing and proofreading long and short-form stories; social media marketing; and curating and organizing web content -- has focused on delivering good writing to a targeted audience. I approach a 2,000 word feature the same way I do a 140-character tweet: obsessing over the details. Which is better? The nonchalance of a semi-colon or the hard impact of a period?

I think about these kinds of things so my clients don't have to. I guess I'm a bit of a nerd that way. 

WRITING | Do you need a lover of words to tell your story?
• Reported stories
• Features
• Press releases
• Website content (including introductory pages, bios, etc.)
• Marketing materials (newsletters, flyers, etc.)
• Blogging

EDITING | Do you need a grammar guru to right your wrong comma uses?
• Long-form and short-form articles
• Official or casual correspondence
• Newsletters/Website content
• AP/MLA style
(See some of my finished editing samples here.)

SOCIAL MEDIA | Do you need someone to engage your clients online?
• Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest
• Initial setup
• Daily management
• Analytics

WEBSITE CONTENT ORGANIZATION | Do you need someone to get you online?
Initial setup
• Content updates