A scene in the pediatrician's office waiting room

The pediatrician's office is small with no windows. To liven up the drabness of the waiting room, they've posted colorful pictures of cartoon owls on the walls, and a TV hanging in the corner plays a kid-friendly movie. The last time we were there, they played Benji; today, it's The Waterhorse.

It's Thursday morning, and another family is waiting with an appointment ahead of us. The mother is dressed in too-tight-in-the-ass gray sweatpants, and the two teenage daughters with her have on hoodies. They all look up from their phones to briefly coo at my baby.

I barely get any cell service in this small box of a room, so scrolling Facebook as this family seems to be doing is out of the question for me while I wait. The boyfriend was at work; otherwise, I would have looked over his shoulder as he paged through reddit looking at funny memes. Instead, I alternate between staring at my sleeping baby and looking up at The Waterhorse as I listen to the family's random commentary.