I'm sad Prince has passed, but I can't cry for him.

Since the AP news alert pinged on my phone yesterday to let me know about the passing of Prince Rogers Nelson, he's all I've been able to think about. I've read essays commemorating his life, such as this one titled "Prince Was The Patron Saint Of Black Weirdos" from The Establishment. I've watched YouTube videos of Broadway stars like Jennifer Hudson and the cast of The Color Purple, as well as Lin-Manuel Miranda and the cast of Hamilton, cover his works. I've searched for his music on Spotify and YouTube, to no avail. (I ain't mad though.) And as my baby and boyfriend slept this morning, I watched his music videos, many I'd never seen, on MTV Live. 

But here's the thing. I'm not a devout Prince fan. His music and artistry never made a profound impact on me.