Tournament Week

The Masters: My Augusta vs. Their Augusta

For a split second, I almost forgot that I'd moved.

I usually have the local news on in the background early in the morning while I feed the baby. The anchor, a blonde who looks at her co-anchor almost as much as she does the camera, dropped the phrase "Tournament Week," and my mind went to basketball.

Wait a minute. This isn't Charlotte, where "Tournament Week" is a reference to the annual CIAA basketball tournament that takes over Uptown Charlotte at the end of February. 

No, the anchor was talking about a completely different sport. During the first full week of April in Augusta, golfers and golf fans come here for The Masters tournament. It's pretty much the one thing my hometown is known for to people outside the region.

(I discovered that when I lived in North Carolina. "Oh, where are you from?" "Augusta, Georgia." "Never heard of it." "You know, where they host the Masters?" "Oh yeah!")