Marjory Stoneman Douglas

100 Words: The Parkland school security officer is trash

Welcome to my 100 Words series, in which I'll share some commentary in, you guessed it, 100 words or less.

This is infuriating. Yesterday, the Sun-Sentinel reported that the security officer who neglected to protect students during a school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in February was lightly disciplined last year for allegedly sexually harassing two female students, including Meadow Pollack, a victim in the massacre.

"What's killing me,” her father told Buzzfeed News, “is that he should have been terminated and he wasn't and he was at that gate.”

This is the world we live in: When the #metoo movement and the public health crisis of gun violence collide in the most heartbreaking way. Andrew Medina is trash.