Mother Jones is a hero to all journalists

Today, Mother Jones published a story sharing what happened when a billionaire sued them for defamation. The court's decision came down earlier this week, and, fortunately, were in the nonprofit news outlet's favor. My eyes widened in disbelief as I read how, in a nutshell, major Republican donor Frank VanderSloot was offended by one of their stories and took Mother Jones, its CEO and the writer of the story in question to court.

You can -- and should -- read the all details for yourself, but here's a choice passage:

Legally, what we fought over was what, precisely, the terms "bashing" and "outing" meant in the context of our article. But make no mistake: This was not a dispute over a few words. It was a push, by a superrich businessman and donor, to wipe out news coverage that he disapproved of. Had he been successful, it would have been a chilling indicator that the 0.01 percent can control not only the financing of political campaigns, but also media coverage of those campaigns.

That's some scary stuff. No one is safe from the big, bad Republican billionaires. Kudos to MJ for standing up for freedom of press. Not every media outlet would be willing or able to spend millions to protect that right.