This is what my success looks like nowadays

It's been seven days since I wrote a story, thanks to a last-minute decision to take my kid to the beach for the first time in her life during the holiday. I'm still smiling over the look of utter joy as she pranced in the water, kicking at the waves as they crashed into her small frame. I want to laugh out loud as I think about how she lost not one but two toy shovels, and then subsequently took to throwing her last one into the water just so she (that is, I) could chase it as the water moved it up and down the shore. 

But it's been seven days since I wrote a story, which means it's been seven days since I did "work" to get paid. I guess the short getaway did me good because I'm actually not freaking out too much about that. The work will come.

What I'm reading today to bring me crashing back to the real world

It's been a long five days since I sat at my desk and engaged with the online world. Are you still trying to clear the post-Thanksgiving fog, too? Here are five articles I read this morning to bring me crashing back to the real world:

"After Florida passed its ‘Stand Your Ground’ law, killings went up" via Fusion

"It Pays to Be an Assertive Woman in the Workplace, New Study Says" via Broadly

"The Toll Activism Takes on Your Body" via Tonic

"Moroccan state TV apologizes for airing domestic violence makeup tutorial" via Mic

"Trump pushes conspiracy theory that ‘millions’ voted illegally for Clinton" via Washington Post


Ava DuVernay, Korryn Gaines: One day of writing, two different black women

Today, I published two pieces on Vice's Broadly. The stories they share are very different, but they both focus on a black woman who caught headlines this week. 

The first piece is about Selma director Ava DuVernay, who just became the first woman of color to work on a film with a $100 million budget. Only two other women have reached this feat. With Disney's full confidence, she's bringing us A Wrinkle in Time, due out next year.

Insert that awesome hashtag #BlackWomenDidThat.