An open letter to Franklin Graham

Dear Frank,
Earlier this week, I read about your latest Facebook post, in which you called for Christians to move their bank accounts out of Wells Fargo to other non-gay-friendly instititions, and to shop at businesses who don't  "promote sin and stand against Almighty God’s laws and His standards." The funny thing is, you moved  the assets of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association to BB&T, which is also a big proponent of gay rights.

Once again, you spew hatred for other human beings and use Christianity to shield your bigotry. (And then you looked stupid doing it.) What you call "moral decay," I call America opening its arms to all people.

And once again, I felt disgusted that it's folks like you the world sees as a representative of my faith, and I want to bury all signs of my own personal belief system in a hole. Why? Because no one wants to be associated with an asshole.

But today, thanks to the latest podcast from the church I attended in Charlotte, I realized something about you, Frank. You're a Pharisee, and you don't know how to evolve. Instead of being angered by your bigotry, I feel sorry for you and the people who follow you.

Watershed, the church in Charlotte I attended for years, is currently hosting a series called Wayfarers, Wineskins and Newness, and, Frank, I really think you should check it out. The pastors write this in their introduction to the series: "Thousands of years ago Jesus spoke of wine and wineskins. He made the ongoing invitation to us to blow the dust off of our beliefs and tenets and to continually take in the newness that He is with fresh eyes and a new wineskin heart."

And if anyone needs some fresh eyes and a new wineskin heart, Frank, it's you. When Jesus came, he was a radical. He wasn't cracking the whip on people to uphold the Jewish laws. When the Pharisees asked him why his disciples weren't fasting like everyone else, per tradition, he said, eh, it's not a big deal (my paraphrase). Because he came to pave a new way and deliver a message straight from heaven, which is to love. Just love, that's it. None of this talk of condemnation, sin or whatever.  

I know you don't want to be a Pharisee, Frank. It's not too late to get on the right side of love. You can shut down your Facebook page and start a new one -- plenty of people do it. 

Here's to hoping you'll use your platform to spread the good message of Jesus, instead of worrying about who's sleeping with who.