What I'm Reading

What I'm reading today to bring me crashing back to the real world

It's been a long five days since I sat at my desk and engaged with the online world. Are you still trying to clear the post-Thanksgiving fog, too? Here are five articles I read this morning to bring me crashing back to the real world:

"After Florida passed its ‘Stand Your Ground’ law, killings went up" via Fusion

"It Pays to Be an Assertive Woman in the Workplace, New Study Says" via Broadly

"The Toll Activism Takes on Your Body" via Tonic

"Moroccan state TV apologizes for airing domestic violence makeup tutorial" via Mic

"Trump pushes conspiracy theory that ‘millions’ voted illegally for Clinton" via Washington Post


When good writing makes you light-headed

Because there's never enough good writing out there tackling women's bodies, I share with you this essay by Zsofi McMullin titled "The Uterus Must Go On." In it, she confronts the fact that she won't have any more children after her doctor discovers a large fibroid.

My god. At one point, I had to take to skimming sentences to keep from passing out from the imagery. (Honestly, I have no idea how I birthed a human -- I get so light-headed when confronted with images of human trauma.) But it's such powerful writing, I reread the piece a second time, when I could stomach it.

What I love about this essay is the unapologetic rawness. The language is visceral, and the intentional gaps in narrative force you to into the writer's shoes -- when she's in the shower, when she's in the hospital. And if you're a woman, it's not hard to imagine what she's going through.

Dear world. More like this, please.