How I manage all my freelance assignments and, well, life

The first step to being a successful writer is investing in a solid coffeemaker. Me? I have a Ninja Coffee Bar. I discovered it on a late-night infomercial during the early weeks of momhood, when I was delirious from being forced to join #teamnosleep. 

In recent months, I’ve come to realize how important this coffeemaker is to my writing career. Thanks to this machine, I can write anywhere from four to six stories a week — stories I’m proud of. 


This, while being present for my toddler (when she’s not in daycare), mostly maintaining my home, occasionally spending important QT with my guy, and taking care of my elderly doggies. 

Because I’m a working mom, I’ve got no choice but to step away from my computer and take care of my kid, even though sometimes I want nothing more than to hammer out a few hundred more words or get a transcription out of the way. When deadlines beckon, I usually return to my office after she falls asleep. And the only way I'm able to squeeze out another hour or two of quality work productivity is making sure I have a late afternoon — anywhere between 3PM and 5PM — cup of delicious coffee. My ability to focus is much sharper with the additional shot of caffeine. Without it, the words on the screen tend to do a little more dancing and a little less flowing. 

Thanks to the power of coffee, as of today, I've written 316 paid stories and blogs this year. Cheers for coffee!